The Geography of Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the 13 countries that make the southern Africa region. It lies along the Indian Ocean’s Mozambique Channel and has the third-longest coastline in Africa measuring 2,470 kilometers or 1,534 miles. This is the second-longest in mainland Africa and 2nd longest in Southern Africa after Madagascar.

Madagascar has Africa’s longest coastline, Somalia has the longest in continental or mainland Africa which is Africa’s second-longest. Its coastline stretches from Zitundo next to the southern Africa border to Quionjo near the Tanzania border to the north.

Mozambique Location, Position and Size

Mozambique Location and Position

Mozambique is located along the Mozambique Channel, a narrow strip of Indian Ocean which resulted from the Madagascar splitting and moving away from the mainland Africa due to plate tectonic. Mozambique Channel measures in length and in width. Far of the coast of Mozambique lies Madagascar, Africa largest island and world fourth largest after Greenland in Artic Ocean, Borneo and Papua Guinea in the Pacific Ocean.  Mozambique is long country making it one of the elongated states of Africa (See list of elongated states in Africa) with north end and south end almost 2500 kilometers apart in a country that has an average width of

Mozambique is between latitude 10 degrees and 27 degrees south of Equator and longitudes 29 degrees and 41 degrees west of the Prime Meridian.

Mozambique is border to the north by Tanzania, with a boundary that measures — kilometers or — miles marked by Rufiji River.  To its north west is Malawi, one of the 16 landlocked African countries with a boundary measuring – kilometers or — miles of which about half on its north is midpoint in Lake Malawi. To its west lie two more southern Africa landlocked countries; Zambia and Zimbabwe sharing a boundary measuring — kilometers, —kilometers or —- miles and –miles respectively. To its south west and south east is South Africa with a boundary measuring —–kilometers or —- miles while landlocked Swaziland has shares a small boundary cutting the South African boundary into two and measures —kilometers or —miles long.

Mozambique Size

Mozambique has an area of 801,590 square kilometers or 309,496 square miles, it’s the world’s – largest country. It’s Africa’s 16th largest and Southern Africa 4th largest After Angola, South Africa and Namibia.

Comparatively, Mozambique would fit into Russia, world largest 20.4 times, it would fit into Africa’s largest; Algeria 2.97 times and would fit into Angola; Southern Africa largest country 1.6 times. The world smallest country; The Vatican would fit into Mozambique 1.8 million times, while Seychelles and Mauritius, Africa and Southern Africa smallest 1761 and 393 times respectively.

Mozambique is 8.7 times larger than Portugal, its former colonizer. Mozambique is larger than Sweden and Finland Combined, Sweden and Norway combined or Finland, Norway and Denmark combined.

ScandinaviaArea square kilometers
Total for Mozambique801,590
Total for Mozambique801,590
Total for Mozambique801,590

Mozambique is larger than Spain, UK, Ukraine or France. It is larger than Poland and Germany combined.

Mozambique would fit into Asia’s largest; China 12 times and would fit in subcontinent India 4.1 times. In Asia Mozambique is larger than Afghanistan but smaller than Iran and slightly larger than Turkey and almost the same size as Pakistan and its half the size of Mongolia.

If it was in Oceania, Mozambique would be the second largest country after Australia which is 9.7 times larger, while Papua New Guinea would fit into Mozambique 1.7 times and New Zealand would fit into Mozambique three times.

Mozambique would fit into Brazil; South America’s largest 10.6 times, Argentina 3.5 times and Colombia 1.4 times. It’s twice the size of Paraguay but smaller than Venezuela and Bolivia. Chile and Uruguay are smaller.

Mozambique would fit into Canada, North America largest 12.5 times, would fit into USA 12.3 times and into Mexico 2.5 times. If it was in North America, It would be the 4th largest after Canada, USA and Mexico.

Mozambique is almost half the size of USA largest state Alaska and Texas, USA second largest state would fit into Mozambique almost 1.2 times. Mozambique is the same size as Nevada, Utah and Arizona combined, see the comparison table below

USA Selected StatesArea square kilometers
Total for the 3 USA States       801,501
Total for Mozambique801,590

This comparison makes Mozambique a large country by any size.